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SRK Personal Branding Photography

  • Creates a visually clear, consistent story of your product or service
  • Communicates your personality and unique character
  • Presents you as the expert
  • Populates your web and social media with images tailored to your audience





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SRK provided high-touch service and high-quality creative images, both indoors and outdoors. At the outset, Scott and Patricia listened to my ideas and collaborated easily to materialize what I had in mind. The team ran the day like the experienced professionals that they are. From the logistics manager to the make up artist, each team member is talented, easy to work with, and efficient...and they all get along fabulously which really helps when it is a long day! Oh, and the studio music rocks!”
— Dr. Nadine Greiner - Consultant and Coach
SRK are so organized, got back to me with a quote immediately, brainstormed beforehand about makeup, props and wardrobe, and the day of the shoot was completely flawless. I was super stressed about posing and looking natural but he made me feel comfortable, we got a ton of incredible shots and best of all we had fun! I highly recommend SRK for any type of shot you’d like to get, but keep in mind what you’re picturing probably won’t be as awesome as what Scott will create for you - he’s an absolute genius, exceeded my expectations and made me look like a million bucks. Thank you Scott and Patricia!
— Sarah Cooper - Author and Comedian


What we do

SRK Personal Branding Photography creates a visually clear, consistent story of your product or service through portraits, headshots and custom stock images. These images communicate your personality and unique character and present you as the expert in your field. You can populate your website and social media presence with photos tailored to your audience. Our process is ideal for experts, artists, consultants, authors and anyone trying to communicate their brand to their audience. 

About Us

Scott R. Kline - Photographer

Scott creates visually stunning images for business and individuals. He has worked with executives, artists, makers, consultants and business people thoughout his photography career, listening to their needs and desires to create images that communicate their message to their audience. See his work at

Patricia Kline - Producer

Patricia is a producer of all our photo sessions. She prepares everyone from subject, photographer, makeup artist, photo assistants and stylists to be in the right place with the right plan to guarantee success. 

SRK Headshot DAy

SRK Headshot Day creates headshots and executive portraits for busy professionals and corporations needing matching headshots for all employees. Founded in 2014, SRK Headshot Day, is a convenient, powerful and cost effective solution that takes as little as 30 minutes for fabulous headshots. Read more at